Instrumentation & Calibration

The Fimali Instrumentation and Calibration Teams covers many areas of Fimali operations: Industrial Sale; Government & Community Projects; and Aftermarket & Workshop Repairs. There are few activities that Fimali is involved in that does not require systems control, monitoring or measuring equipment. This is a rapidly growing area of expertise.

We have always been a supplier of quality instrumentation and systems control equipment. Accordingly, with the increase and growth in more automated forms of systems control and measurement, Fimali is also stepping up to meet the challenges and demands of our clients.
instrumentation and calibration papua new guinea
To date these projects have included the controls systems of water treatment and waste water treatment plants and the refurbishment of existing utility based systems. Our technicians can also repair, test and calibrate many different devices used to control anything from temperature, mass, chemical composition, pressure and others.

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For more information please contact the Instrumentation and Calibration team