Government & Community Projects

The Fimali Government and Community Project teams focus is, as the name implies, on activities that directly address the needs of Government plus Community Based Entities, Agencies, Departments and Functions. Our basic approach depends upon the initiating request but is essentially a consultation and assessment process involving all stakeholders. From this point Fimali’s PNG trained engineers will be able to determine and design a suitable solution to the issues at hand. To date these projects have included the construction of water treatment and waste water treatment plants and the refurbishment of existing utility based systems.

Fimali can also source and supply off-the-shelf, off grid, packaged solar power systems up to approx. 10kW in size. They are ideal for remote locations such as villages, agricultural plots, aid posts, community centres, small businesses and homes. They are perfect for anywhere beyond the current reach of power utility providers. These packages can include power for lighting, refrigeration, telecommunications and emergency equipment as well as pumps, water and waste water treatment systems. Larger more commercially orientated systems can be designed and installed in conjunction with the client’s needs and our overseas manufacturers.
government and community projects, papua new guinea
To add depth of capability for the G & C P teams activities, they also provide supervisory services for the installation, commissioning and maintenance of their projects, as well as providing all necessary training for recipient personnel.

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For more information please contact the G & C P team.