Water Treatment

Access to clean water is a priority area. In recent years, the government has focused more on delivering quality water to the people.
Fimali Ltd is a Fully Locally owned PNG Company involved in the design, construction and commissioning of Water Treatment Plants. Whether its fresh water or high salinity (sea) water, we can provide the system to meet your requirement.

1. Filtration

The following outlines various filtration methods and depends on application/system requirement:

  • 1.1 Media Bed Filtration
  • 1.2 Membrane Filtration
  • 1.3 Cartridge Filtration
  • 1.4 Sand Filtration

2. Ultra Violet Treatment

UV Disinfection is the alternative to chemical treatment. Chemical treatment have by products which can be harmful, UV disinfection eliminates this risk.

3. Chlorine Dosing

Whilst UV is instantaneous, chlorine dosing is suitable when treated water is stored for a period of time. Chlorination can be achieved with tablets, liquid or gas.

4. For sea water treatment, Reverse Osmosis plants does the job.

Water Equipment Technologies (WET) a brand of Xylem Inc offers domestic to commercial RO systems. This system is ideal for Island communities.

5. Clarification

Clarification is the stage where particles, sediments, oils and natural organic matters are eliminated to give the clear colour of the water. We offer the following clarification unit:

  • a. Lamella Clarifier
  • This unit occupies minimum space, low cost with faster installation, low maintenance and easy to transport.

Whether for home, school, community or a town – please contact us. We can design and construct to your requirement and to international standards.

We are the PNG agents for Wedeco, Leopold, Sanitaire and Multitrode.