Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals are critical for a successful pump operation.

Fimali offers a wide range of mechanical seals – spares for the pumps we stock and supply. Also we can assist with helping clients ensure the correct mechanical seal is selected.

For heavy industrial application such as mining, oil and gas and the petroleum industries, we have the capacity to repair/rebuild mechanical seal at our Madang facility with our seal face lapping machine.

In the process of rebuilding Mechanical Seals, each is inspected to generate Failure Analysis Reports – the purpose of which is to identify the mode of failure and potential methods and procedures that will increase the MTBF in the future – and of course to create a plant wide data base of seal usage, failures and solutions.

Additionally, we can assist with offering improved sealing solutions by reverse engineering mechanical seals in collaboration with our seal manufacturer for problem applications. Single basic, high pressure, high temperature, slurry, corrosive liquids. Gas seals, Suit any standard including API and ANSI.

Below pictures shows a 160mm shaft diameter Ekato Slurry Seal and other Eagle Burgmann slurry mechanical seals stripped and ready for lapping at our workshop. The blue machine is the lapping machine.

Additional to mechanical seals, we provide lapping services for:
  • Compressor Valve Plates and Seats
  • Safety Relief Valve Seats

We are the PNG agent for WCIS.