Valves are critical components in any industrial process.

Valves allows for isolation and control of processes in a given application.

Specialty valves – we size and select according to specific customer requirements. We stock a wide range of valves of assorted sizes & material depending on our customers need.

We also offer repairs and rebuilds for all valves. Being agents for global Manufacturers, we provide the world class after-sales service and QA that is demanded by those Manufacturers for their products.

Some of the valves we stock include:
  • Ball Valve
  • Butterfly Valve
  • Bypass Valve
  • Check Valve (Non Return Valve)
  • Control Valves
  • Diaphragm Valve
  • Electric Actuated Valve
  • Electro-Pneumatic Actuated Valve
  • Gate Valve
  • Globe Valve
  • Inline Strainer
  • Knife Gate Valve
  • Needle Valve
  • Oil & Gas Service Valves
  • Pinch Valve
  • Plug Valve
  • Pneumatic Actuated Valve
  • Pressure Regulating Valve
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Safety Relief Valve
  • Sluice Valve
  • Slurry Valve
  • Steam Valve
  • Y Strainer
  • Severe Service Valves
  • High/Low Temp Service Valves



Pushing the frontiers of valve engineering

Welcome to Severn Glocon Group, the British engineering firm at the forefront of global valve innovation.

Severn Glocon Group’s control and choke valves have played an integral role maximising the safety and profitability of oil and gas production for more than 50 years. Today we provide a wide range of valves and associated services to the full spectrum of energy industries, including subsea, LNG and power.

Industry leaders know they can rely on our high-integrity products and advanced engineering to help them overcome complex and extreme production demands.

As the energy sector evolves Severn Glocon Group will continue to drive innovations that extend valves’ reliability and performance. We’re also ramping up our diversification strategy, making significant progress in environmentally-focused areas such as renewable power and water purification.

Severn Glocon Group’s intelligence-led engineering also benefits other industries including water & wastewater, industrial, petrochemical and marine engineering.

High performance control & choke valve products Severn Glocon designs and manufactures an extensive range of control valves, choke valves and pneumatic actuator products to suit both standard and severe service applications, produced in sizes from 1" to 42" nominal bore.

We are also unique in offering an extensive range of standard and customised trims, manufactured to provide optimum performance for any application.


Keeping Your Severe Service Plant Online Longer

Through science-based engineering, research and development, and worldwide field experience Caldera develops solutions for your severe service needs. Improve availability with Caldera’s custom designed corrosion- and erosion-resistant equipment.

Custom Engineering and Manufacturing Valves, Chokes, and Other Pressure Letdown Equipment

Engineering and manufacturing solutions for harsh applications require a science-based approach. Through close collaboration with industry partners and customers, coupled with extensive research and development, Caldera employs a science-based approach to engineering and manufacturing – and our customers benefit.

Experience Dedicated To Your Success

Caldera emerged with the development of the autoclave mineral processing industry and has since broadened its knowledge and expertise in this and other industries. Caldera’s breadth and depth of understanding continues to grow as it supports customers and helps solve their challenges.

With Caldera, customers get a product designed specific to their parameters and unique needs, backed by Caldera research and field experience.

Cutting Edge Engineering and Manufacturing To Better Serve Your Needs

Caldera has developed proprietary flow modeling programs to enhance product performance. Our engineers study your particular service environment. We apply physics, thermodynamics, and finite element analysis to design, engineer, and manufacture equipment that meets your unique needs.

As Your Operational Issues Change, We Can Help

Your operational challenges can change overnight. Caldera can help. Our in-house machining, cutting, welding, testing, and on-hand inventory allow us to respond to emergencies quickly.

A Fundamental Approach With A Dynamic Focus

Since 1997, Caldera has taken a pragmatic approach to engineering and manufacturing. Mastering the science of severe service applications is our priority. Adjusting and evolving to meet your ever-changing needs is our focus. Designing, engineering, and manufacturing valves, chokes, and other high-pressure letdown components to withstand highly corrosive and erosive environments is our goal.


The ValvTechnologies Difference

ValvTechnologies is the global leader in the design and manufacturing of zero-leakage metal-seated ball valve solutions for severe service applications. What matters most is our focus on helping you meet your challenges safely and efficiently. Whether those challenges are daily process problems that need to be met one valve at a time, or system-wide concerns demanding excellence in valve solutions, ValvTechnologies has built solutions proven to help customers like you.

ValvTechnologies is committed to providing the best isolation solutions to ensure customer satisfaction, safety and reliability and improved process and performance. You’ll recognize the value of ValvTechnologies as a proven, dependable partner.

In the Oil & Gas industry, valve performance can be compromised by combinations of process conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, high solids or high cycles. The ValvTechnologies design is quite unlike that found in floating and trunnion-style ball valves and is a complete departure from the traditional gate and plug valves found in this industry. The ValvTechnologies design uses an integral seat rather than loose seats.

The integral seat provides a stable platform onto which the ball is constantly loaded with very high force, making it impossible to trap solids between the ball and seat. When the ball is in the open position, the seats are protected from the flow. The integral seat also eliminates the potential for leakage between a loose seat and the valve body.

Mining and Minerals Processing is an area where critical valve failures can create expensive shut-downs.

At ValvTechnologies we understand the importance of reliability and more importantly Zero Leakage. Valve leakage inside a slurry line will soon lead to dewatering of the slurry and expensive retrofit work, with extensive operational down-time. Understanding the design and potential problems in the client’s process is the way we understand their unique needs … and we plan and respond. Our expertise in solving valve problems is directly related to our list of satisfied customers – or what we prefer to call our business partners! We care about being in-country to assist, rather than saying “ship the valve back to Houston”.

Contact us for a solution to your problems in these difficult areas of valve applications. We have severe service valves that operate in process conditions that push the limits of engineering capabilities. From the Slurry Pipelines in China and South America to the Nickel Processing Plants of Western Australia and Asia, ValvTechnologies is there and we have the solutions.

Our experience in petrochemical plants extends from numerous new and replacement valves in many different designs. The advantages of our isolation valves stem from the fact that the ball is “fixed” in place with the high load pressure Belleville spring. This allows the valve to operate in the presence of polymer and shear solid plugs of material. Unlike most valve designs, the zero-leakage carbide seat surface is part of the valve body, so that solids cannot interfere with operation and sealing.